Adelaide bridal couturier pivots to design fashionable face masks amid COVID-19 crisis.

I normally spend countless hours working on bridal gowns, worth thousands of dollars.

But since the COVID-19 crisis hit, I have turned my hand to designing something much simpler and more affordable: face masks.

Each mask is individually cut, so the print looks right and the fabric sits properly. I know the masks must protect you, but they can also have a little more aesthetic. You put them on your face, so they should look nice. My masks are funky, good quality and beautifully designed.

These hand made washable cotton masks come in a variety of fabric designs, colours and sizes, including large (for Adults), medium (for teenagers) and small (for kids), and are priced at just $15, plus postage.

I have also created a large variety of masks using Indigenous art designs. These designs have always facinated me and each mask has its own unique design.

The other point of difference from other masks on the market is they include an extra internal pocket for disposable filter inserts and an extra layer of non-woven interfacing material ironed into the mask which helps hold the shape after washing.

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